Areas of application

Areas of application



  • Industrial plants, large warehouses and commercial markets
  • State roads, federal roads and highways
  • Railroad lines and rail traffic
  • New residential developments and housing estates
  • Sports facilities and playgrounds
  • Special solutions

Noise emissions from industrial plants, large warehouses and commercial markets.

Industrial noise is particularly problematic in mixed-use areas. Noise protection is becoming increasingly necessary, especially with the construction of new industrial and commercial buildings. These new buildings often move closer to existing residential areas. Residents are disturbed by increased transport and handling of goods. By building an acoustic barrier, these disturbances can be kept to a minimum and noise-sensitive neighborhoods can be carefully shielded.


Noise protection on rural roads, main roads and highways.

Road noise disturbs and annoys most residents. Noise is also a cause of disease. Due to its design and weight per unit area, the ewall system has optimal acoustic properties. Airborne sound insulation according to EN 1794: B3 is > 47 dB, and sound absorption according to EN 1793: A4 is > 12 dB. Our noise protection system provides people and the environment with the best possible protection against the negative effects of traffic noise.


Noise protection for rail lines and rail traffic.

The goals of climate protection can only be achieved if the share of road traffic is shifted toward railroads. More traffic on railroads leads to increased noise emissions. The acceptance of local residents decreases. The evall system along railroads provides optimal noise protection for neighboring residential areas.